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When you have Microsoft Dynamics GP (formerly also known as Microsoft Great Plains, Great Plains Dynamics and eEnteprise) implemented within your organization as Corporate ERP solution and you have extensive Warehouse Management, Retail and Point Of Sale, Barcode Scanning, Barcode labels (or also referred to as Barcode Tags) printing directly in the point of Purchase Receipts, we are happy to provide you with this small publication. We believe that you've got already reviewed Dynamics GP Barcoding add-ons, available as off-the-shelf products, supported by Microsoft Dynamics GP ISV partners, and looking over this news you're not satisfied with existing product and even consider custom programming options

1. Barcoding integration to Dynamics GP Nature. Technically Barcode Font is comparable to letters and digits representation and there's very little difference between uploading Barcode sequences from your scanner (or Barcoding Server) and entering them straight from computer keyboard. Though Barcoding integration you have the following challenge - the way to upload Barcode Scanner batch into Dynamics GP existing screens? Within this scenario you must introduce custom logic for Barcoding Batch upload to Dynamics GP, typically Microsoft Dexterity programmed Custom Ad-on. Good example will be merchandise receipt in your Warehouse by Barcode scanners equipped warehouse workers after which uploading Barcode Scanner batch to Microsoft Dynamics GP Purchase Receipt logic

2. Barcode Integration Suggests Dynamics GP. Once we mentioned above in the past paragraph, technically every one of the windows, enabling you to expect entering information directly by typing on keyboard set - could be potentially automated with Barcode scanner upload in real time or in Batch mode. This flexibility level also introduces the situation for shelved Dynamics GP Barcode Products, as typically they work with very restricted pair of Great Plains Windows

3. Barcoding Solutions for Dynamics GP approach. We provide you different paradigm. Rather than frozen Add-on functionality you can expect you so-called Dynamics GP Barcoding Solutions. These are proven and tested Barcode related Dexterity scripts, eConnect codes and libraries, plus SQL Stored Procedures. We're also very happy to offer you XML parsing for Barcode integration to Dynamics GP Dexterity, eConnect or SQL Stored Procedure by means of parameters

4. Barcode Item Tags Printing. In our opinion one of the most elegant barcode labels printing solution could possibly be realized in Crystal Reports. We can provide Barcode Item Tags printouts in Dynamics GP Report Writer or Microsoft SQL Server Reporting Services (both of these options comes to you without any software licenses charge, however consulting fee may be comparable or more compared to Crystal Reports)

5. Barcode transactions integration and Dynamics GP Integration Manager, There is possible work around in order to avoid Dexterity customization for Barcode automation. Think about the following method: you upload Barcode Scanning batch to SQL custom tables or to the text tab or coma delimited files. Then you've Dynamics GP Integration Manager Integration to choose this data (either Advanced ODBC when it comes to SQL custom tables or regular text file integration regarding text file). This technique enables you to control Barcode integration in easy to use Integration Manager and steer clear of potentially expensive Microsoft Dexterity programming

6. Great Plains Old Version Barcode Automation Programming. Obviously it is always good idea to upgrade for the newest form of your Corporate ERP application. However could and respect your position, once you needed to hang on spending and did not pay for Annual Microsoft Dynamics GP Enhancement Program and now you don't have use of new Great Plain version reg key. Dexterity can perform the job, however the problem is Database Platform, particularly when you are well on legacy Pervasive SQL Server, Ctree - it might be very costly to fund Great Plains on Pervasive SQL 2000 Dexterity custom programming and this programming investment might be obsolete in few years

Cpa Sugar Land Tx

7. Dynamics GP Barcoding for Multinational Company Challenge. You may remember - Microsoft Dexterity doesn't support Unicode characters (Chinese, Japanese, Korean hieroglyphs because the most frequent example). For Chinese food distribution businesses in USA we now have custom module, which allows you to print combined US English and Chinese characters for a passing fancy Dynamics GP originated documents. In international environment this objective is more complex because there are Corporate ERP localization (local language support in ERP user interface and compliance to local country tax and government reporting requirements)

8. Choices for China. If you have Microsoft Dynamics GP in US, Canadian, UK, Australian, New Zealand, South African Headquarters and you also wish to implement ERP application for Chinese subsidiary, appropriate for Dynamics GP (FRx consolidated financial reporting), we propose you Microsoft Dynamics AX (Axapta) or if perhaps Axapta is exceeding the cost, SAP Business One

9. Choices for Russia and Central Asia. For Spain we recommend either Axapta (if budget permits) or SAP Business One. There is also known domination (at least the way we view it for 2010) in Russian Corporate ERP and Small company Accounting market - 1S Bukhgalteria (1C Accounting). SAP B1 and Axapta within our opinion tend to be more open and friendly to US and International GAAP (for consolidated financial reporting), however, if you decide on 1S - we should be in a position to help you in Financial Consolidated Reporting in FRx

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